What’s KiNETiq?

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Dealer Impact Systems Now Offers KiNETiq® Design Solutions

These conversion-friendly digital platforms are designed to help you generate more leads.

URBANDALE, Iowa — September 15, 2012 — Dealer Impact Systems is proud to be offering KiNETiq® to dealers in our client family.

KiNETiq® is ideal for increasing dealer website traffic through data-driven conversion-friendly websites. Potential customers will more easily find information that’s relevant to their search topics, and dealerships will have more qualified leads and cross-selling opportunities.

KiNETiq® is part of the Dealer Impact Systems digital platform offering. By integrating consumer-centric design, inventory video technology, mobile platforms, social media and reputation management, we produce:

-       Lead conversion-optimized dealer sites that turn “lookers” into customers

-       SEO “honey traps” to attract organic searches

-       Self-updating capability so you can add your own content

-       Tiers 1–3 consumer intelligence that monitors customer behavior

-       Cross-platform CRM integration with all major CRM tools

-       Hyper-speed loading times — the fastest in the industry

Patrick Shelton, Managing Director for Dealer Impact said, “By offering KiNETiq®, Dealer Impact is pleased to provide our clients with a more effective way of converting leads.”

About Dealer Impact

Headquartered in Urbandale, Iowa, Dealer Impact Systems is a privately held company that provides digital marketing for automotive dealerships across the country.



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85 Percent of US tablet owners use their tablets while watching TV

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According to Forrester:

Tablets are displacing PCs and smartphones as the “couch computer” of choice: 85% of US tablet owners use their tablets while watching TV, and according to Nielsen, 30% of total tablet time is spent while watching TV. The tablet’s complementary nature to the living room TV gives a raison d’etre to “second screen” apps like Miso, GetGlue, and Viggle that engage consumers in conversation and content related to what’s on the big screen.

Still think your TV ads are valuable?

What about DVRs? The article didn’t even mention that.

Mastering the Migration from Traditional to Digital Marketing

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Auto dealers leverage dynamic digital media to maximize online presence and profits

Posted by Brian Cox on December 13, 2011

Gone are the days when the big three of traditional media marketing—newspaper, radio, and television—had exclusive dibs on every last penny of a dealership’s marketing budget.  True, those old-school mediums still hold a place in a dealership’s overall marketing spend.  But, make no mistake—they’re fast being reduced to a lesser role as the majority of marketing dollars are being earmarked for digital and social media initiatives at dealerships of all sizes across the country.

The seismic shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing is being driven by progressive, forward-thinking dealerships, who are tipping the scales in favor of stores that take calculated and strategic steps to capitalize on digital marketing’s vast reach, immediacy, and cost-effective benefits.

“Digital marketing is eclipsing traditional media,” said John Roth, internet director at Roseville Toyota-Scion in Sacramento, CA—northern California’s largest Toyota-certified pre-owned store.  “It completed the waxing stage—and traditional media is waning.”  Roth notes that over the last five years, the dealership has shifted from a mix of 20 percent electronic and 80 percent traditional media marketing to approximately 60 percent digital marketing and about 40 percent traditional.  ”Up to 70 percent of our dealership’s sales can be attributed to web-based media, digital and social media, Facebook, and Twitter.  Five to 10 years ago, it was the other way around—30 percent from digital and 70 percent from newspaper, radio, and TV advertising,” said Roth.

Why make the shift from traditional media to a digital media marketing focus?  “It’s the same reason why we did away with the horse and buggy and got into transportation in automobiles,” said Roth.  “The writing is on the wall.  It’s the 21st century, and this is the way we’re doing business.”

 Whatever the size, inventory, or location of your dealership—whether it’s a family-run Mom-and-Pop operation or a sprawling franchise mega store—incorporating digital and social media ventures into your overall marketing mix is flat-out crucial to a dealership’s ability to compete and survive in today’s environment.

Digital marketing boasts a host of attributes.  It’s affordable.  It’s immediate.  And it’s more targeted, more trackable, and can deliver more substantial value to your dealership by facilitating true interactive engagement and building long-term relationships with your customers.  Online marketing offers countless, ongoing opportunities for personalized, one-to-one communication and genuine give-and-take interaction with your customers—while at the same time spreading the word, far and wide, about your dealership through strategic content syndication in the digital realm.

“We started the transition from traditional to digital marketing in 2009—because that’s the future,” said Mark Cowart, general manager of Car City West in Des Moines, IA, a dealership with a five-star rating on Google Places.  “There’s no benefit to newspaper anymore.  I’m not doing any print.  I’m getting rid of radio.  We’ll have 10 percent TV ads and 90 percent digital marketing.  We drive 70 percent of my customers through digital,” he said.  “The number of people who shop online before they buy a car has grown considerably—and soon roughly 90 to 95 percent of people who own a computer will be shopping the Internet before they walk into a store to buy a car,” he added.  When it comes to adopting digital marketing, Cowart said, “I have no fear factor to it.  I want to be the creator, the innovator—I don’t want to be the follower.  If you’re not in the digital marketing and social media game, you’re hurting your profits.”

Your customers and potential customers are in the digital space daily—and that’s where your dealership has to be.

Behold.  The next frontier is here.  And it is digital.

Brian Cox is president and CEO at Dealer Impact Systems and can be reached at or at (877) 334-9638.  


The Rules of Engagement

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Win Your Customers by Wooing Them through Social Media

Winning the hearts, trust, and life-long loyalty of your dealership’s customers begins by following a few simple rules of engagement on the social media sites of your choice—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Google+, just to name a few.  By keeping the following fundamentals in mind when managing the content on your social media venues, you’ll keep in touch and in tune with your customers.  And in turn, this will help you stay on target with your dealership’s sales goals.  Think in terms of your customers’ lifetime value.  Put a greater emphasis on investing the relatively small amount of time and energy regularly to cultivate high-quality relationships that offer long-term satisfaction and returns for both you and your customers.

Be informative.  As often as you can, post on your dealership business pages on your favorite social media sites.  Your customers are anxious to hear from you.  They want to know about your dealership’s latest discounts, rebates, incentives, giveaways, and upcoming events.  They want to know about manufacturer and industry news that may impact them.  They want facts that will help them make the most informed decision when buying a vehicle.  They want service specials, links to other helpful automotive resources, along with maintenance and safe-driving tips.  And don’t forget to share videos and photos as well to engage them.  If you can save your customers time, money, and headaches, they’ll remember you, thank you, and stick with you.

Be ready.  Be on your toes and ready to share news and announcements at a moment’s notice.  Your next prepared post can be online in seconds, and that immediacy works to the advantage of you and your customers.

Be concise.  Your customers will appreciate short bursts of information on your social media sites that they can scan, absorb, and act on at will when it’s convenient for them.  Being brief also cuts the prep time for you in drafting and finalizing the details to be posted.

Be inquisitive.  Strike up a healthy conversation with your customers.  Pose some thought-provoking questions online.  Ask for comments, opinions, and reviews.  They’ll appreciate the chance to speak their minds.  And when they do, you’ll receive valuable feedback that will help you continue to support and satisfy your customers—now, and down the road.

Be yourself.  Being honest and genuine is the key to having sincere, open, and ongoing interactions with your customers online—just as it is in person.

Be committed.  You believe in your business, the vehicles that you sell, and the service that your dealership delivers.  Make sure your customers know this.  Show them every day in the way you talk about your dealership, its inventory, and its services.  Use your web presence to most effectively present the distinct elements of your dealership’s brand personality and to reinforce them.

Be there.  When something goes wrong for your customers, be there for them.  Be responsive.  Acknowledge what happened in general online—and in particular offline, directly with your customer.  Offer your dealership’s apologies.  Research the problem.  Then make it right, and learn from it.  Very often, what began as a strained customer relationship can be transformed into an even stronger bond when a dealership responds sincerely and promptly with a satisfactory resolution to a customer’s complaint.

Be generous.  You and your dealership are a living, breathing, vital part of your neighborhood.  Be sure to let you customers know about the variety of community and charitable events and causes that you and your dealership put your time, money, and muscle behind.  It’s feel-good news that everyone loves to hear, and it’s news that you should be very proud to share.

Be grateful.  Every business is in business because of its customers.  Thank your customers as often as you can—for their patronage, their patience, and for the trust they’ve placed in you, your dealership, and in the vehicles that you deliver.       

Be good.  Keep up the good work that you do at your dealership every day, and be sure to share it with your old and new friends who interact with you on social media forums.  This interaction is vital for developing enduring customer relationships.  And it offers countless mutual benefits for you and your customers—right this second, and right on down the road.

For more information about engaging your customers through social media and expanding your digital reach and market presence, visit our Full-Service Page for details or contact Dealer Impact at (877) 334-9638, or email us at

Google Buys Zagat to Boost Local Reviews

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Google’s announcement to acquire Zagat shows a major shift in the local/review space. Most interesting is that Zagat is a content company Google usually only curates information rather than owning it outright.

Google has toyed with local ratings, search and reviews for quite some time, but it appears the the company is now very serious after an acquisition of ratings-mogul Zagat. It’s not a terribly surprising move, when you look at Google’s history with local, ratings and the like, but it’s probably not the one that we thought the company would make. In fact, this might have very little to do with local, from a macro scale.

More details from TheNextWeb.

Introducing Full-Service Digital Marketing and Social Media Programs for your dealership

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Dealer Impact Systems is here to let you focus on what you do best, Sell Cars!

Let’s face it, in today’s digital marketing world things are moving so fast it takes a team of people to keep up with everything; writers, bloggers, web developers, marketing personnel, social media experts, reputation management, and someone to manage everything to make sure it gets done on time. All this equates to more employees, more programs, more training, more time, more money and more headaches.

What Should Your Dealership Do? Nothing!!!

Let our Team of Digital Marketing Professionals do the work for you.

1) Retrieve
Your dealership has content in many forms and places. Whether it’s an ad, news, or special generated from your sales or service department, or a marketing agency we retrieve your content.

2) Ready
Once it’s in our hands, we ready your content for the web. Optimizing for maximum benefit.

3) Release
Our content team takes your optimized content and syndicates it across the digital landscape, building your presence and getting you noticed!

4) Radar
Once released, we keep our ear to the ground, monitoring for social media likes, tweets, mentions and reviews. We even help respond!

5) Recruit
Our team creates and conducts proactive campaigns to build traffic, enhance web presence, increase Facebook likes & followers, and requests customer reviews.

6) Report
Your customer success manager will conduct monthly, bi-monthly or weekly reviews of your results, and provide recommendations for content that enhances customer engagement.

Click Here for Details.

If you would like to get going on one of our new programs contact us at 877-334-9638 or email and get in the queue first.

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing Campaigns

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Mashable has a great article about how Social Media has fundamentally changed how marketing campaigns are executed.

“Social media engagement.” It’s a phrase that generates a lot of buzz, but what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, why does it matter to companies that are integrating social media into their PR and marketing strategies?

We turned to some of the leading communication experts to discover the importance of sparking online engagement and how this new focus has forced PR, marketing and advertising campaigns to evolve.

via Mashable

Facebook Launches Deals

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The Daily Deal space is heating up fast.

Facebook is kicking off its long-awaited Deals program to users in five major cities starting Tuesday with plans to expand in other cities soon after.

Facebook Deals, which will offer online discounts and deals from businesses to its users, marks the company’s entrance into what’s becoming a crowded group-buying deal market that already includes Groupon and LivingSocial.

Via VentureBeat

Facebook Studio Launches

Click Here for details.

Google Places Customer Stories