Are you ready for the Mobile World?

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October is the month of the tablet! Apple iPad mini, Microsoft Surface, has amazon kindle fire couple months ago possible new 10in Google Nexus tablet. With all these devices and smart phones there is an exponential amount of people using these devices, it’s time to ask yourself. Are you ready for the mobile market?

Think about when you’re out running errands or shopping and you decide to find a restaurant. You grab your phone and do, what you expect to be, a quick search.  Typically, you pick something you’re in the mood for then look for a place relatively close. Lastly, you look at the reviews. If a restaurant has bad reviews you’re probably going to move on to the next one.

Put that in perspective of your dealership. Mobile traffic can make up to 15% of your dealerships traffic. That may not sound like much but that 15% is HOT leads. They may in fact be on you lot at that very moment! If you don’t have a well-functioning mobile site you are going to have a harder time converting that lead into a sale.

Dealer Impact can equip your dealership with a conversion friendly mobile site. Your dealership will have:

  • Quick load capabilities
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Accurate Inventory
  • Video of your vehicles
  • And so much more!

Tell us your thoughts of the mobile world. Are you utilizing a mobile application? If not, if you have any question or to find out more information emailing us at

What’s KiNETiq?

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Dealer Impact Systems Now Offers KiNETiq® Design Solutions

These conversion-friendly digital platforms are designed to help you generate more leads.

URBANDALE, Iowa — September 15, 2012 — Dealer Impact Systems is proud to be offering KiNETiq® to dealers in our client family.

KiNETiq® is ideal for increasing dealer website traffic through data-driven conversion-friendly websites. Potential customers will more easily find information that’s relevant to their search topics, and dealerships will have more qualified leads and cross-selling opportunities.

KiNETiq® is part of the Dealer Impact Systems digital platform offering. By integrating consumer-centric design, inventory video technology, mobile platforms, social media and reputation management, we produce:

-       Lead conversion-optimized dealer sites that turn “lookers” into customers

-       SEO “honey traps” to attract organic searches

-       Self-updating capability so you can add your own content

-       Tiers 1–3 consumer intelligence that monitors customer behavior

-       Cross-platform CRM integration with all major CRM tools

-       Hyper-speed loading times — the fastest in the industry

Patrick Shelton, Managing Director for Dealer Impact said, “By offering KiNETiq®, Dealer Impact is pleased to provide our clients with a more effective way of converting leads.”

About Dealer Impact

Headquartered in Urbandale, Iowa, Dealer Impact Systems is a privately held company that provides digital marketing for automotive dealerships across the country.



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Dealerships and Facebook

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How to know when it’s time to leave the past behind?

Most dealerships we’ve worked with have all posed the same question. “How does Facebook benefit our dealership?”

There have been many skeptics in the automotive industry of the benefits of using Facebook or any social media for that matter. The numbers show there are over 950 MILLION monthly Facebook users and 100 BILLION connections, and that’s just Facebook. Pinterest is driving more traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined with over 18 million unique visitors.

What does this mean for dealerships? Those posting on Facebook and other Social Medias are more likely to make a connection with a potential client/customer leading to the ultimate goal of a sale! People of all ages are using social media now days. Typically the younger demographic are not the ones leading the mass numbers of people on social media. Those in their mid-40’s and up are the largest demographic of social media users. These people are more likely to have spending money and be financed than that of those fresh out of college or younger.

Taking advantage of marketing on social media can be quite cost effective and as a bonus, you can track social media marketing. Compared to traditional forms of marketing such as TV commercials or Newspaper ads there is no way to track it.  Unless the exceedingly rare customer walks in to your showroom and stats he/she saw your commercial or ad they are almost untraceable.

A recent client of ours is experiencing the benefits of proper social media marketing.  As you can (picture to the left) see they have gone completely viral. They currently have over 1 million viral connections and 1,900 organic. That number is still growing! One simple post and they have created a ton of exposure.

There are a handful of ways to create exposure on Facebook and other Social Medias including Promotions, Ads and Inventory Management.

Are you using any of these techniques? If so, what ones and what kind of exposure have you seen? We want to know what works for you!

If you would like more information about how to increase your social media marketing benefits please contact us.

Karl Chevrolet’s Carl Moyer: In the Driver’s Seat and Out of the Ordinary

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Automotive News TV Special Report gets up close and personal with auto dealer Carl Moyer, as he shares insights and best practices that helped him build a rock-solid Chevy empire at Karl Chevrolet in suburban Des Moines, Iowa.  Dealer Impact Systems is proud to be a long-time partner with Karl Chevrolet, serving the dealership as a client since 2003.  We salute Mr. Moyer as an industry innovator, and congratulate him and his entire team on making Karl Chevrolet one of the nation’s most progressive and successful dealerships.


Digital Dealer Conference 2011

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Dealer Impact will be in Vegas this week for the 2011 Digital Dealer Conference! If you have any questions about our Full-Service Programs, Social Media, or Reputation Management please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can find more information about the conference here.

Introducing Full-Service Digital Marketing and Social Media Programs for your dealership

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Dealer Impact Systems is here to let you focus on what you do best, Sell Cars!

Let’s face it, in today’s digital marketing world things are moving so fast it takes a team of people to keep up with everything; writers, bloggers, web developers, marketing personnel, social media experts, reputation management, and someone to manage everything to make sure it gets done on time. All this equates to more employees, more programs, more training, more time, more money and more headaches.

What Should Your Dealership Do? Nothing!!!

Let our Team of Digital Marketing Professionals do the work for you.

1) Retrieve
Your dealership has content in many forms and places. Whether it’s an ad, news, or special generated from your sales or service department, or a marketing agency we retrieve your content.

2) Ready
Once it’s in our hands, we ready your content for the web. Optimizing for maximum benefit.

3) Release
Our content team takes your optimized content and syndicates it across the digital landscape, building your presence and getting you noticed!

4) Radar
Once released, we keep our ear to the ground, monitoring for social media likes, tweets, mentions and reviews. We even help respond!

5) Recruit
Our team creates and conducts proactive campaigns to build traffic, enhance web presence, increase Facebook likes & followers, and requests customer reviews.

6) Report
Your customer success manager will conduct monthly, bi-monthly or weekly reviews of your results, and provide recommendations for content that enhances customer engagement.

Click Here for Details.

If you would like to get going on one of our new programs contact us at 877-334-9638 or email and get in the queue first.

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing Campaigns

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Mashable has a great article about how Social Media has fundamentally changed how marketing campaigns are executed.

“Social media engagement.” It’s a phrase that generates a lot of buzz, but what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, why does it matter to companies that are integrating social media into their PR and marketing strategies?

We turned to some of the leading communication experts to discover the importance of sparking online engagement and how this new focus has forced PR, marketing and advertising campaigns to evolve.

via Mashable

Facebook Studio Launches

Click Here for details.

Get the Most Out of Facebook Insights

This is a great Facebook page resource for small businesses. Bookmark for future reference!

You’re a small business owner and you’ve decided to create a Facebook Page for your company. Or you’re an employee in an organization and, since you are the only one who “gets” social media, you’ve been charged with running a Facebook Page.

You set it up and make it look nice. You put up some photos and videos that you think represent the organization well. You e-mail a bunch of your friends and the page has almost 100 “Likes.” But one day, your boss comes in and asks you the question that you have been dreading: “Is this Facebook Page helping us or just eating away most of your time?”

Enter Facebook Insights, a powerful analytical tool that can help any organization evaluate the effectiveness of its Facebook presence. But, for a small business where time is perhaps the most important (and often rarest) resource, Facebook Insights can help you evaluate whether you’re investing or wasting your time.

The following scenarios are illustrations of how a fictional small business, “Bill’s Tech Company,” can leverage Facebook Insights to evaluate the effectiveness of its new Facebook Business Page. Within each scenario are the different aspects of Facebook Insights that Bill could utilize to answer his questions. Beside each measure (in parentheses) is a note on where to find that specific piece of data in Facebook Insights.

via: Mashable

GMs New Social Media Marketing Agency Is Staffing Up

It looks GM is putting some weight behind their Social Media Marketing.

Big Fuel, the New York-based agency that handles all of General Motors’ social media marketing, is opening a Detroit office to service the account and is on a hiring binge. Avi Savar, the CEO and founder of Big Fuel (pictured), said he has about 15 people on the ground in Detroit right now and is looking to double that number by March. The agency has another 80 people in New York and handles other clients including McDonald’s, Neutrogena and Colgate-Palmolive’s Wisp toothbrush. Savar said he hopes to have a staff of more than 200 by the end of 2011.

Big Fuel was brought on about three months ago. Previously, the agency had been gearing up to work with Hyundai, but when Hyundai’s lead marketer Joel Ewanick moved over to GM (after a short stint at Nissan), Ewanick persuaded Big Fuel to come over. The agency hasn’t executed any campaigns on behalf of GM yet, but Savar said a few are set to launch in January. This includes one for the Chevrolet Cruze called “Cruze-arati” that gives Cruzes to people who have big followings on social media.

GM’s social media marketing had previously been handled in house by, among others, Chris Barger and Mary Henige. The two were behind a program back in March in which eight teams of drivers/bloggers attended South By Southwest on GM’s behalf. GM’s social media marketing, however, has often been overshadowed by rival Ford, whose Scott Monty has more than 48,000 followers on Twitter. Ford also made a splash this summer when it introduced the Ford Explorer on Facebook and, in November, began circulating videos featuring celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Bret Michaels responding to consumers’ questions about the model.

via: Mashable