Protect Your Community – Dealing with Bad Actors

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Shane’s post about protecting your community is a great read.

Building a house requires hard work and dedication. The end result is a place of comfort and security where your family can live and grow. If someone started shouting obscenities from your driveway for 30 minutes every morning, would you ignore them, or would you take action to protect your family?

Building a community requires hard work and dedication too. It takes time to build trust and loyalty from community members. As its manager, you have a responsibility to protect your community from anything that threatens the culture of trust that took months or years to establish. So when someone says or does something inappropriate that threatens your community, what should you do?


Facebook Launches Deals

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The Daily Deal space is heating up fast.

Facebook is kicking off its long-awaited Deals program to users in five major cities starting Tuesday with plans to expand in other cities soon after.

Facebook Deals, which will offer online discounts and deals from businesses to its users, marks the company’s entrance into what’s becoming a crowded group-buying deal market that already includes Groupon and LivingSocial.

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How To Use The Data Behind Facebook Status Updates

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SocialFresh complied some great insights about when is the best time to post your Facebook page.

Age stereotypes are key when thinking about your target audience. Younger users are more prone to talk about themselves and think about themselves, whereas older users are more prone to think of others.

  • Use this to your advantage when launching a contest, viral campaigns, or Facebook marketing (PPC) ads.
  • Posts are most effective at 11:00AM, 3:00 PM, and 8:00 PM. Post during these times to grab the attention of the largest slice of your target market.
    *However, be sure to respond to your fans whenever they are active, no matter what time of day.
  • Test and find your own sweet spots, every community is different
  • Post during the week for better conversations, relationship building and engagement of your brand. This would also be true of launching contests, polls, viral campaigns, etc.

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How 7 Startups Are Building Their Online Communities

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Great post about online communities and how manage/grow them.

Community management is anything but a science. But, more and more startups are figuring out early on that defining what “community” means to their business, and then working to incorporate and respond to that community is an essential element in their growth and the maturation of their products.

What follows is an in-depth look at how seven startups at various stages of development are approaching community management. For some, the in-house Community Manager is a must. For others, it’s a bit of an all-hands-on-deck approach. Regardless of technique, you’ll find that each of these startups uses a combination of support software and social media tools to ensure that even if the customer isn’t always right, the customer is always heard.

A few themes resonate throughout these examples: make users happy, listen to everything, incorporate community feedback into product development when appropriate, and stop fretting over the trolls. These may all sound like simple truths, but it’s the continual practice and adherence to these purist community ideals that make them complex.

1. Pandora: Measure Success One Interaction at a Time
2. Shwowp: Make Your Users Happy
3. Seesmic: The Community Manages You
4. Disqus: Feedback is Never Lost
5. Posterous: Community Starts at the Top
6. Klout: Respond to Each and Every Request
7. Celebrate the Community

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